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Welcome to Kibbutz Ketura which is a cooperative kibbutz; a green oasis located in the southern Arava valley, between the golden Negev Mountains in the west and the reddish-purple Edom Mountains in the east, some 50 kilometers/31 miles north of Eilat. According to the cooperative values of our kibbutz, we share all our assets and income, work together as a community, and make all major decisions as a community.


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We offer a variety of guest rooms, including Marula rooms, Pitaya suites and Argania apartments.


All rooms are designed for your convenience, with a kitchenette, bathrooms with shower, sink, and toilet, cable TV, wifi, and a refrigerator. We offer our guests a respite from the heat in the kibbutz swimming pool and a chance to relax in the lobby located near the guest rooms.



In order to complete the kibbutz hospitality experience, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available in the kosher kibbutz dining room, enabling our guests to take part in the experience of life in our vibrant kibbutz community.

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