Keren Kolot at Kibbutz Ketura​




Keren Kolot at Kibbutz Ketura is a guest house and educational seminar center.
We offer 44 attractively-priced and comfortable rooms, including singles, doubles,
suites and apartments  for singles, couples, families and groups from Israel and abroad.  

All rooms include a kitchenette, bathroom and shower, satellite TV, a refrigerator, coffee
and tea, milk, cookies and fruit. The Keren Kolot Educational Seminar Center has been hosting youth and adult groups for 20 years, on diverse programs in various languages, lasting from a half-day to a week and longer. Keren Kolot’s dedicated staff facilitates open ended, “hands-on” encounters with textual material while utilizing the desert environment.

The staff often creates new activities and programs to suit the needs
of individual clients, imparting upon them the community's core values:
Zionism in practice, mutual responsibility, religious pluralism and respect for
the environment.

Additional themes include Israel advocacy and the remarkable entrepreneurial
spirit that has seen the kibbutz transform from an almost exclusively agricultural community to a diverse leader in eco-technology and other ventures.

Our guests are invited to enjoy a number of activities including a tour of the kibbutz
and the famous solar field and algae factory, bike rentals and use of the kibbutz's swimming pool.

We invite our guests to kick back, relax and enjoy a moment of leisure at Café Kolot,
our coffee shop, located next to the guest rooms. You will be able to enjoy fine coffee, cookies, cakes and other homemade baked goods, locally-produced dates, wine, light meals, soft drinks and ice cream.

In addition, Café Kolot offers jewelry, arts and crafts made by kibbutz members.
For the benefit of our guests and patrons, we offer free wireless internet access and use of the computer in the coffee shop.

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